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A profitable strategy of Décovi and KIF Parechoc

A profitable strategy of Décovi and KIF Parechoc

The Acrotec group is proud to present a new offer: oscillating weights assembled with ball bearings. Two companies, namely Décovi (Vicques) and KIF Parechoc (Le Sentier) have worked together to offer their clients the best possible assembled masses.

Decovi oscillating weights

The materials used to machine the oscillating masses have a density ranging from 18.1 to 18.5 kg/dm3. Laser cutting or engraving operations make it possible to produce complex geometries whatever the depth. Any type of horological decoration is possible on the board and the bevel.

Subsequently, the masses benefit from an adapted galvanic treatment, and a varnish will be deposited in the engraving while leaving the choice of color to the customers.

KIF Parechoc ball bearings

KIF Parechoc has added ball bearing technology to its offer. This makes it possible to reduce the number of components during manufacture. The core has been redesigned to eliminate assembly problems (chased or welded), the precision of the bearing is controlled by the bar turning. In addition, the assembly is much more resistant to shocks than traditional bearings. The construction of this new bearing uses larger diameter balls. This technique automatically increases the service life as well as load of the bearing.

The company also produces another type of ball bearing, named “Elegance”, which is customizable to order. The assembly does not require any driving force or thermal stress related to welding and allows a high quality finish.

Swiss know-how

Both companies specialize in the manufacturing of parts for watch movements, each with different specialties. They joined their know-how to produce assembled masses, with the most suitable components. This innovation allows their customers to customize the parts in question according to their needs and requirements.

This new offer testifies to the ability of the Group’s companies to combine their strengths and promote Swiss-Made.