Mission, Values, Vision

Bar turning, a family history of over 70 years

When he was only 23 years old, Denis Chèvre, passionate about his profession as a bar turner, decided to start a freelance activity. Then he converted the back of his father’s farm into a workshop. This was in 1947. Ten years later, he built his first workshop in Vicques.

Captivated by the industrial world, Claude Chèvre decided, after studying mechanical engineering, in 1985, to join his father. Gradually the company grew and he naturally became its director a few years later.

1999 is the year of change with the construction of the new factory (2’000 square meters), at the location where we are now. This marks an important turning point in the life of the company, which then becomes truly industrial.

Then, in 2009, Décovi SA decided to join the Acrotec group, convinced that there is strength in numbers. In 2011, the company continues to develop and enlarges its bar turning section 1’300 square meters.

Our Mission Statement
We machine components of all levels of complexity using precision turning and milling processes in a wide variety of materials and dimensions. We also specialise in the manufacture of oscillating weights for the watchmaking industry.

We distinguish ourselves by our ability to supply finished parts that are as close as possible to our customers’ requirements and our solutions to achieve this ensure total customer satisfaction. All of our employees contribute to this goal and must therefore always maintain the highest level of professionalism at all times.

Our values
At Décovi SA, we share common values that reveal the company’s identity and that should guide us in our daily professional life. The sharing of these values is a fundamental recruitment criterion, and allows all new employees to feel immediately integrated into the life of the company.


  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Mutual Respect
  • Respect for the environment and protection of natural resources

Fun at work

  • Positive working atmosphere
  • Serenity, well-being and good mood


  • Loyal and constructive relationships with all stakeholders
  • Heed to the image of Décovi SA
  • Active participation in the company’s profitability

Team spirit

  • Sharing knowledge and skills
  • Gain in efficiency

Our vision

Every day, we face new challenges and do our utmost to meet them, without losing sight of the company’s core values, which guide us in this quest. We work to produce parts that are increasingly precise and complex, meeting our customers’ most stringent requirements.

Our aim is to develop a very comprehensive activity, than can meet the needs and expectations of customers working in areas of requirements up to the most demanding. We are constantly striving for operational excellence, while ensuring the satisfaction of our staff.

We are also working to become the leader on the Swiss market for finished oscillating weight and to expand our capacities in the field of bar-turning in order to maintain a perfect match with the wishes of our customers.








Distributed countries

Claude Chèvre

Claude Chèvre

General and Administrative Director

HES Mechanical Engineer
Managing Director of Décovi SA for more than 30 years

Phone : +41 32 436 10 62

Cédric Chèvre

Co-director and Technical manager

Mechanical engineer and MBA in business management
Head of oscillating weights and production manager at Décovi since 2016
Deputy Managing Director and Administrative Director since the beginning of 2021


Phone : +41 32 436 10 68

Stéphane Grabalosa

Head of watchmaking sector sales
Mechanical technician with a background in sales, marketing and communication.
Sales manager at Décovi SA for more than 15 years.

Phone : +41 32 436 10 61

Gabriel Baumann

Industrial Sales Manager
HES Engineer in Microtechnology
More than 10 years of experience in the sale of micromechanical components

Phone : +41 32 436 15 93