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Decovi, a training company

Decovi, a training company

The training of new talents is a very important issue for Décovi SA and for the Acrotec Group in general; the Group’s raison d’être, “Bringing together talents to better serve our clients”, demonstrates this.

Decovi has always played an important role in the Jura Arc, that of being a committed training company. Today’s situation reflects our motivation, since our company is honored to have five apprentices in training among its teams: four polymechanics who are doing a four-year apprenticeship and a production mechanic whose training period is three years.

How does the training work?

It takes place over four years for the polymechanics and three years for the mechanics. Young people start their apprenticeship by learning the basics of conventional mechanics during the first year. Then, from the second year onwards, the apprentice is required to perfect his or her skills on CNC bar turning machines.

In addition to the practical training, which takes place mainly in the company, the apprentice goes to the school one or two days a week to learn the theoretical aspects of the trade.

The apprenticeship is punctuated and validated by practical and theoretical exams; the success of the latter entitles the apprentice to obtain a CFC (Certificat fédéral de capacité).

What are the required qualities?

First of all, you must have an interest in manual trades and mechanics. Our apprentices are motivated by the desire to carry out methodical work. We have to work with very precise tolerances for the production of components and it is essential to be very precise.

In addition, a certain taste for mathematics is to be preferred. The polymechanic or production mechanic will be required to perform certain calculations or to program machines.

Many skills are acquired naturally during training, but with a lot of motivation, this profession is open to everyone.

As you will have understood, becoming a polymechanic or production mechanic means choosing a path to the future where enthusiasm, creativity and rigor are constantly cultivated. It also means working in a stimulating environment where know-how is at the heart of the organization’s processes.

What are the prospects?

The apprenticeship opens the door to numerous training courses such as the professional maturity which can be completed during the CFC or directly after it. The latter is a springboard to further professional training and gives access to the Universities of Applied Sciences (HES).

At the same time, holders of a polymechanic or production mechanic CFC can obtain other certification training courses on the job, such as a federal certificate or a foreman’s diploma with the aim of becoming a team leader, sector manager or department manager.

However, one thing is certain: polymechanics and production mechanics are required to continuously pursue their training, according to the technological evolution of machines and more globally of programming software, measuring machines, etc.

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Why choose Decovi as your company?

Decovi is a company known for the quality of its training. Many of our former trainees hold strategic positions at Decovi or companies in the region.

We focus on quality training that is valued within a network of companies and is supported by external service providers such as CEPIM (Centre d’Enseignement Professionnel des Industries de la Métallurgie) where our apprentices learn the basics of the trade directly.

Due to the diversity of the fields in which Decovi is active, the training is very rich and varied. This training can even be modulated thanks to internships outside the company within the Acrotec Group.

In addition to quality training and a captivating work environment, we are well aware of the current needs of young people in training. Therefore, we attach great importance to their well-being by offering them a wide range of social benefits and an attractive salary.

Finally, the perspectives offered by Decovi and the attractive career plan are major assets for any apprentice who will complete his training within our company.

If you are interested in becoming an apprentice at Decovi on innovative projects within a team of experienced professionals in a growing family business environment that will greatly contribute to your professional development, please send your application by e-mail to info@decovi.ch.