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Decovi participates in TV Siams Days

Decovi participates in TV Siams Days

Bar turning is a production technique that consists of manufacturing precision parts by removing material from metal bars or tubes. This technique is widely used in the watchmaking, automotive, aerospace and medical industries. However, bar turning is facing many challenges, especially in terms of competitiveness, innovation and quality. It is in this context that Decovi participates in the SIAMS TV Days 2023.

The SIAMS TV Days are a key event for the microtechnology industry, especially the connected industry. It is within this framework that Decovi and 14 other companies from the Jura Arc share their experiences, exchange solutions and answer a number of questions that concern the general public and professionals.

The first part of each program is broadcasted every day on Canal Alpha, the TV channel of the Jura Arc and on canalalpha.ch/siams (address already functional with a teaser).

The second part is available on canalalpha.ch/siams.

The report about Décovi is about the stakes and challenges of the bar turning industry, broadcasted on Tuesday April 18, 2023 at 6pm.

Cédric Chèvre will explain how the company has adapted to these challenges by investing in new technologies, in high quality machines and tools and by improving its production processes.

In conclusion, Decovi’s participation in the SIAMS TV Days 2023 is a unique opportunity to highlight the issues and challenges faced by bar turning companies. The report will highlight the company’s efforts to improve its competitiveness and meet the most difficult technical challenges and its commitment to innovation and excellence, which are the keys to success in the bar turning industry.