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Machining Experts

As experts in high-precision machining, specializing in bar turning and milling for 75 years and operating an advanced machine park of CNC equipment, we are highly skilled in the production of components for precise machine tools and all kinds of metrology instruments and measuring devices.

Apart from planning and machining, we execute deburring, and surface treatments. Employing the strictest quality control procedures in all of these activities we produce extremely accurate parts, with very tight tolerances and superb surface finish.

Wide Variety of Parts for Machining and Measurement Tools

Our clients include manufacturers of machines and measuring instruments from different industries.

The type of components we produce include:

  • Parts for CNC centres and machining equipment, including: knobs, connections, screws, shafts, handles, etc.
  • Parts for measuring devices such as 3D measuring heads, calipers, micrometers, balances, indicators, testers, dividers, and other specialty precision measuring tools.