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Models of Oscillating Masses

Our strong expertise in the manufacture of oscillating weights or watch rotors is one of the activities that has earned us the reputation of being the component supplier of choice for some of today’s leading watch companies.

We produce more than two hundred models of oscillating weights for over one hundred watch manufacturers, representing more than one million pieces per year.

We are always striving to offer our customers an à la carte service, and recently we have also been able to deliver a complete oscillating weight, with ball bearings, ready to be assembled on the movement.

According to the needs of our customers, our range of models includes mass segments, bimetal assembled masses and monobloc masses, the type most used today. All supplies and assemblies are made in-house, except for the ball bearings, which are produced by our sister company KIF-PARECHOC.

Aesthetic Rotors

Originally, it was a purely utilitarian element of a watch movement, hidden at the bottom of the mechanism movement and often not visible. Today, in luxury watches, the oscillating weights are highly exposed and part of a communication element, and can feature extremely elaborate and elegant designs with various decorations.

Equipped with a variety of specialized machines and tools, we perform decorations such as Côtes de Genève, colimaçonnage, satin-finishing, hooping, soleillage, as well as custom engraving, pad printing and varnishing. We can also apply the “Swiss made” seal at the customer’s request.

Piece of oscillating weight of watch.