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Precision Machining for Surgical Components

Because of their intended use, the production of surgical instruments and components requires the ability to provide high-precision components with an impeccable surface finish, as well as expertise in machining a variety of robust materials that are resistant to contact with the human body.

With minimally invasive surgery, these instruments are decreasing in size and are becoming more and more complex. CNC machining is particularly well suited in this area because of its ability to produce exceptionally precise and complex components at lower production costs than other manufacturing methods.

As machining experts specializing in turning, milling and surface finishing, we at Décovi routinely manufacture components for surgical instruments, including implants for cardiovascular surgery, tool holders for hip surgery or orthopedic torque wrench components.

Variety of Materials and Finishings

In surgery, different materials are used depending on the intended use of the instrument: from the most resistant ones like titanium or stainless steels for hardness, biocompatibility or resistance to sterilization, to the light and biocompatible PEEK to reduce the risk of allergic reactions in patients. In addition to these materials, we have extensive expertise in the machining of the most commonly used materials in the surgical field: surgical stainless steel, titanium, PEEK, and others.

In addition to the choice of materials, the surface finish is another crucial factor that determines the longevity and functionality of surgical instruments. In general, surgical equipment must be able to withstand frequent sterilization, ultrasonic cleaning, and exposure to harsh chemicals. While smooth surfaces are required for parts intended to penetrate human tissue and organs, finishes are essential for surgical instruments to avoid distraction during surgical procedures.

At Décovi, we are experienced in performing different types of finishing such as mechanical or chemical polishing, bead blasting, sandblasting, laser texturing, marking or laser cutting.