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Coatings for Durability and Authenticity

As a trusted partner to the world’s top watchmakers, we carry out all kinds of coating works, surface treatments and decorations following our clients’ desires to the smallest details in order to improve durability and distinctiveness of their luxury timepieces.

Coatings are normally applied to a watch’s outer surfaces: cases, bezels, crowns, bracelets and buckles. These treatments are especially popular for sports watches but can also be applied to other pieces to enhance the design, robustness, comfort, or for customization.


Decorations that
stand out

Decorations can be done on different parts of watch movement, most notably on oscillating weights, but also on casebacks, bezels, bracelets, and other parts.

We operate a whole unit dedicated to watch decorations, where our machinists will skilfully execute various types of decoration works from the most commonly used – Côte de Genève, snailing, satin-finishing, pearling, drawing – to entirely custom designs. This service perfectly combines with laser engraving of text or shapes to give our clients’ timepieces completely unique look that sets them apart.