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Portrait of Maurice: bar turner, polymechanic, trainer

Portrait of Maurice: bar turner, polymechanic, trainer

A few days before the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Décovi, we share with you a gallery of portraits that sum up our family company spirit.

Starting with the oldest of them, Maurice. A bar turner who pushed the doors of Décovi at the age of 15 and never left, rubbing shoulders with his inborn tranquility with the three generations of the Chèvre family at the head of the Vicques company. A faithful among the faithful…

MAURICE, 55 years – bar turner, polymechanic, trainer

You have been with Décovi for almost 40 years, explain to us the reasons for this professional loyalty?

After starting my bar turning apprenticeship in 1982 at Décovi when there were only about ten of us, I had the opportunity to stay in the company with the founder Denis Chèvre once it was finished. Then the years passed and the job still suited me well. In addition, the expansion of the business in the center of the village and the arrival of Claude Chèvre to assist his father has made the work more pleasant.

 I always got along very well with the workshop manager, Jean-Marie Friche, which made me feel comfortable at work. Throughout these 40 years, I have always felt a good atmosphere between colleagues, which seems important to me. In addition, management has always listened to its employees. Finally, living in Vicques, the proximity to the company is a real advantage. 

What has had the most impact on you during these 37 years of common history?

 What struck me the most was the construction and inauguration of the new building where we are now. Another milestone was also the first CNC machines. The outings organized by the company were also unforgettable moments, such as the outing organized for the 70th anniversary.

You have worked with 3 generations of the Chèvre family at the head of Décovi: is this family succession a guarantee of success in your eyes and a reassuring factor for staff and customers?

 In my opinion, the fact of having a family succession within the company is a strong point for the employees but also for the customers. Seeing family continuity at the head of management is reassuring for the future. Although the years go by and the company is constantly evolving, I still feel a good family spirit.