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Portrait of Nina: human resources manager

Portrait of Nina: human resources manager

Before blowing out the 75 candles of Décovi, we continue our series of 3 revealing portraits of the different profiles of Team Décovi with Nina, HR manager. This determined and enthusiastic young woman embodies increasing female representation at Décovi. Today, 35% of our employees are women. An upward trend on the path to equality which shows that jobs in this industry can also be attractive for ladies given the right conditions.

NINA – HR manager

A place for women in the mechanical industry is not obvious to everyone, did you find yours easily at Décovi?

Indeed, the industrial world is mainly made up of men and we could think a priori that it is perhaps more difficult for a woman to be fully integrated and considered in the same way as a man. As far as I am concerned, I quickly found my place and I think that the role I occupy has greatly contributed to it. Indeed, I have to be in daily contact with the employees and I have to be a partner for the management and the managers. All of these interactions certainly create a bond of trust that allows me to fully exercise my role and makes me feel very comfortable.

Nevertheless, it is true that the emancipation of women is not yet fully achieved in certain circles, but I find this challenging and motivating in my role as HR manager where I have the opportunity to make proposals to management in order to take a further step towards equality. In any case, the place for women, especially in industry, is already obvious!

What attracted a young executive like you to choose to work for Décovi?

The position I hold at Décovi SA is the result of a succession of opportunities that have opened to me. Having unfortunately had to stop my Bachelor in Law in the 3rd year at the University of Neuchâtel, I opted for a Bachelor in Business Economics, a dual training offered by HE-Arc. To join this school, I first had to complete a one-year internship with a company. My application file caught the attention of Claude Chèvre. For a year, I carried out a wide variety of activities for the sales, administration and technical office sectors.

My internship coming to an end, I was offered to continue my job at Décovi in the HR department in parallel with my studies. This allowed me to acquire a lot of knowledge in the field and when the HR manager took early retirement, the management offered me the opportunity to fill her position. It is with great enthusiasm that I accepted these new responsibilities despite my young age and my modest experience.

I am really delighted and very grateful to have been in the role of HR manager for two years now. The very diverse situations that I have to face on a daily basis are undeniably sources of motivation and continuous learning and it is with great conviction that I will take up the challenges of tomorrow alongside management!

As HR Manager, how do you perceive the internal atmosphere in the company and what are the strengths of Décovi in ​​its personnel management?

Since my arrival, I have always felt a very good atmosphere within the company. There is a lot of respect, mutual support and professionalism between all the employees and the management. It is important to emphasize that these are values ​​that it has always wanted to transmit and that it continuously implements through its management. For most companies, the pandemic has had a significant impact on the corporate atmosphere. Sanitary measures have not allowed us to carry out all the activities that we usually organize for staff.

Despite the fact that the enthusiasm had somewhat dropped in this period, personnel management remained unchanged. Indeed, Décovi is a family business and proximity is the key word! Managers and management are very attentive and this allows everyone to be oriented, to receive regular feedback and to feel valued; there is no doubt that this greatly contributes to the development and success of the company!