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Portrait of Vladimir: EPFL graduate engineer

Portrait of Vladimir: EPFL graduate engineer

After Maurice, the oldest in the company, and Nina, human resources manager, we are continuing our portrait gallery with Vladimir, the latest Décovi recruit since 4 months. A young 25-year-old engineer, just graduated from EPFL, Vladimir chose Décovi because, like him, this company has a strong Jura identity and he will resolutely contribute to modernizing it, in particular by leading the project Automation 4.0

VLADIMIR – EPFL engineer

How can a young EPFL engineer be interested in an old Jura company specializing in bar turning?

I discovered Décovi SA during an internship in 2018 as part of my studies at EPFL. My role was the development of laser machining applications. In this context, I had to work with high-tech equipment that immediately fascinated me.

Although this was my first position in the industry, the Décovi team immediately gave me great confidence and I quickly felt in my place. I felt that they really supported me and I liked it. For me, it was a very motivating experience which confirmed to me that the old Jura bar turning companies are also part of the cradle of Swiss innovation and can offer very interesting missions for an engineer passionate about technology.

Do you feel at Décovi this spirit of innovation and diversification that has always been its strength and how do you see the future of the company from this angle?

When I read the specifications for the position I currently hold, I was immediately seduced by the diversity of development projects present in the company. In the years to come, I think that major innovations will emerge at Décovi, mainly in the context of digitalization and the transition to industry 4.0, but also through the work continuously implemented for the improvement and process automation.

 During my previous internship, I had already noticed the large number of different technologies used within the company. Laser machining processes are one of the examples that demonstrate a desire for diversification and that make Décovi much more than just a bar turning company.

What stood out to you the most when you arrived at Décovi?

I was first struck by the familiarity of the atmosphere and the colleagues. I was very well received and I was able to adapt easily to the world of industry. On the other hand, I was impressed by the precision of the parts manufactured at Décovi and by the methods implemented to achieve it. The watchmaking and medical sectors require very high precision machining and it is exciting to work on the development of such technologies.