Oscillating masses

Décovi SA is regularly chosen by the biggest watch brands for the production, laser engraving and decoration of oscillating weights.

The company Meyer Sintermetall AG in Studen supplies us with heavy metal blank washers. These are made from pressed tungsten powder and placed in moulds of various diameters. They are then annealed and calibrated in the furnace (sintering) to avoid tension in the material. The density thus obtained is 18.1 kg/dm3 or other densities on request.

We then carry out the turning of the blanks, the milling, the engraving (laser or mechanical), the deburring, but also the decorations (snail, côtes de Genève, circular graining, surface treatment, sparing and pad printing). Assembly and riveting are also possible in the case of so-called “bi-metal” masses. We also propose the assembly of the ball bearing.

Our oscillating masses can be marked with the “Swiss made” seal, to the complete satisfaction of our renowned customers.

Watchmaking bar turning

Décovi SA has been active in the watchmaking field for many years and, thanks to its know-how, produces components with diameters ranging from 4 mm to 65 mm.

The latest generation equipment guarantees machining precision and optimal quality. The materials used range from brass to stainless steel, titanium, aluminium and heavy metal. We produce components for the “dressing” sector such as bezels, bezel tops, bottoms, turned bezels, snap-on rings, retaining rings and components for the “movement” sector such as drums and cylinder covers, date discs and oscillating weights for well-known brands.

Medical bar turning

Thanks to ISO 13485 certification, an ERP covering all its activities and above all highly qualified personnel, DECOVI SA ensures its customers complete traceability of all its production.

From medical equipment to implantable components, DECOVI SA has acquired over the years a great deal of know-how and skills. This in order to meet the most demanding needs and requirements of the market.

From plastics to titanium, via medical stainless steel, DECOVI SA is familiar with all the materials used in the medical field. Thanks to its experience, the company guarantees an irreproachable quality of all its products.

Industrial bar turning

Our production covers sectors such as: aeronautics, electronics, dental, medical, watchmaking, apparatus, defence, micromotor to name only the main ones.

We have machining capacity from 4 to 65 mm in diameter.

All common materials are machined: Brass, bronze, copper, Cu-Be, stainless steel, miscellaneous steel, aluminium, titanium, inconel, peek and other plastics.


Decovi’s milling department offers an additional service for the production of very complex parts up to a maximum size of 200 x 200 x 200 mm with high added value on the latest generation machining centres.

The diversity and power of our production tool allows us to respond to the most demanding industrial fields such as :

  • Microtechnology, micromechanics, connectors, electronics, etc.
  • Civil and military aeronautics
  • Medical
  • Defence Technical Services

Watchmaking and luxury sector