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Bar Turning


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Bar Turning

Quick, High-precision and Cost-efficient Bar Turning

With 75 years of experience in bar turning, Décovi is today a leader in this area, serving some of the world-renowned watchmakers and diverse industrial manufacturers. Our extensive know-how and advanced equipment park enable us to offer customers short turnaround times and large production capacity, giving them a competitive advantage.

We use bar turning accompanied by other machining processes to produce complex components for various industry sectors such as: watch and jewellery, medical, aeronautics, electronics, automotive, mechatronics, and more.

We machine all common materials: Brass, bronze, copper, Cu-Be, stainless steel, miscellaneous steel, aluminium, titanium, PEEK and other plastics.

Our machining capacity ranges from 4 to 65 mm in diameter.

Quick, High-precision and Cost-efficient Bar Turning
Decovi CNC turning equipment

Watchmaking Components

Décovi has for decades been the go-to supplier of various small components for world-renowned watchmaking companies, due to our wide range of services from machining of complex micro-parts to decoration and finishings.

We use latest-generation bar turning equipment to produce components for the dressing and the movement sector. The watch components we produce include bezels, carrures or sketches of carrures, drums and barrel covers, date discs and oscillating weights.

The materials used include stainless steel, titanium, tungsten carbide, brass, aluminum, and heavy metal for the production of oscillating masses.

Watchmaking Components
Turned watch parts from Décovi

Medical Equipment

At Décovi, we use high precision turning for the production of components in the MedTech industry, such as different types of dental and orthopedic implants, connectors and everything related to fitting systems and tooling for this field.

We work with all materials used in the medical field, from plastic to titanium, including medical stainless steel and aluminum for medical devices.

We have been awarded the ISO 13485 certification since 2009, proving to our clients our expertise in the manufacturing of small components for medical devices and the control of traceability.

Medical Equipment
Turned medical parts from Décovi