Our QSE policy

Our ambitions

1. SATISFY our customers and stakeholders

  • By understanding our customers’ requirements and integrating them into our processes

  • Combining quality and performance

  • By supplying our customers within the planned deadlines

  • By involving our suppliers in the control of the quality required

  • By complying with applicable QSE laws and regulations

2. ENSURE the sustainability of the company

  • By making sufficient profits to finance the growth of the business
  • By maintaining profitability and working to reduce our costs
  • By guaranteeing a brand image and the notoriety of the company
  • Ensuring external recognition of our involvement by maintaining our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 certifications.

3. PRESERVE the health, safety and well-being of our employees

  • By developing their knowledge and skills

  • By offering safe and motivating working conditions

  • By identifying, controlling and preventing professional risks

4. CONTROL our environmental impacts

  • By working continuously to improve our environmental performance

  • By making rational use of natural resources and preventing pollution

  • By monitoring and limiting our consumption, emissions, effluents and waste

  • By meeting our compliance obligations

5. PROMOTE territorial anchoring

  • By forging lasting links with regional actors

  • Ensuring that we are well integrated into the community

  • By contributing to local development


Management and the steering committee are committed to enforcing this QSE policy and to being a driving force in the continuous improvement of performance.

From these missions flow QSE objectives whose achievement is monitored on a weekly basis… This allows SMI’s performance to be evaluated, to check that the QSE objectives have been achieved and to gauge the efficiency of the processes.