Decovi, like all industries, has been hit hard by the Covid-19 Virus for several weeks. From the beginning of this pandemic, all sanitary measures have been taken to limit the spread of this virus as much as possible. On 17 March, the decision was taken to close down the company for the entire watchmaking sector. Previously, we had already introduced teleworking for the administrative staff. However, we are active in other industries, including the medical sector. Décovi is a strategic supplier of several components of equipment that are essential to the medical sector in the current situation (artificial respirators in particular).

With a part of the workforce, we therefore continue our activity for these customers in order not to break the supply chain. All the usual precautions have been put in place to guarantee the good health of our staff and their families. We are taking advantage of the opportunity to put everything in place so that the complete resumption of activities can take place as smoothly as possible and so that we can resume our deliveries according to a schedule to be redefined.

The management would like to thank all our employees who, by their presence, make the production of these components possible.