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Component Assembly Subcontracting

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Component Assembly Subcontracting

Modern Assembly Workshop for Complex Small Components

Armed with extensive technical expertise in product design and machining processes, we extend our pool of services with a modern assembly workshop for simple or complex assemblies.

In this way, our clients benefit from our ample engineering knowledge but also shorter overall production times, at the same time saving labor and manufacturing costs. Thus, our customers can receive assemblies or sub-assemblies while having only one interlocutor, Décovi.

Modern Assembly Workshop for Complex Small Components
Assembled industrial part from Décovi

Complete and Sub-assemblies

We carry out manual and semi-automatic assembly work for diverse types of components at both sub-assembly and product completion stage, from prototyping through to full production in large series.

Quality Control

We meticulously ensure that every stage of our production and assembly work is carried out in accordance with relevant standards and ISO 9001 certification, followed by detailed quality control.

Our technical staff continually educate themselves on the latest innovations and routinely adopt new approaches to ensure impeccable precision and consistent quality and efficiency of our manufacturing and assembly processes.