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Dental Implants, Contra-angle and Hand Instruments

The production of dental implants and dental implant components is one of the most common applications of high-precision bar turning. Next to this, various kinds of instruments used in the dental practice can be produced using CNC machining techniques.

A dental implant consists of the implant post or fixture, dental screw, and dental abutment. Various dental drills and other accessories like connectors, transfers and healing caps are involved in the installation of a dental implant. All these parts are of very small dimensions, but with a lot of delicate details. Operating several state-of-the-art multi-axis CNC turning and milling machines enables us to execute the production of large series with tightest tolerances following our clients’ specific designs. Additionally, we operate our assembly workshop which means our clients can order semi- or fully assembled products according to their needs.

Long-lasting and Safe Dental Components

We are well familiar with the materials for the production of dental implants, prosthetic parts, and instruments.

Materials most used for the production of dental implants are titanium with its alloys, and zirconium. Their biocompatibility and resistance to both corrosion and fracturing are the crucial characteristics that set these materials apart as the best choice for dental implants. On the other hand, most dental instruments are made of stainless steel. They must be strong enough to withstand long use, resistant to corrosion and sterilization procedures.

In addition to being made of tough materials, some components of the hand-piece or contra-angle are complex because of the geometric constraints related to the simultaneous passage of the cooling liquid, air and light. The concept of “zero burr” further increases the level of requirements for this type of components.