We are already at the end of the summer… and the sanitary situation remains complicated!

Indeed, the virus has not been eradicated and continues its progression. Décovi SA maintains its efforts by rigorously applying sanitary measures on a daily basis in order to guarantee the health of its employees but also to continue production activities in the best possible conditions in order to meet customer demands. As already mentioned, this period of lower activity allows the company to carry out various projects such as improving the information flow, maintaining our measuring equipment or conducting internal training.

This crisis will have significant impacts and it will take time for the markets to recover. If it is difficult today to have any projections, but Décovi SA always strives to be flexible and attentive to its partners to help them taking new challenges.  Committed and motivated, all your contacts at Décovi SA are obviously at your disposal to answer any request.

Convinced that we will succeed in overcoming this crisis thanks to everyone’s efforts and mutual aid, Décovi SA would like to thank you once again for your loyalty and support.